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How do I verify my account, and what documents are needed?

To verify your account, you’ll need to make a deposit first. The verification process varies based on your chosen deposit method: For VISA or MASTERCARD (credit/debit card) deposits: - A colored photo of your primary valid ID or Passport, clearly showing your photo and full name. - A photo of the bank card used for the deposit, with the first six and last four digits visible, along with your name and expiry date. For e-wallet, cryptocurrency, or online payment deposits: - We only require verification of your primary valid ID or Passport. Please ensure the provided documents are clear and easy to read.

What is the minimum deposit and withdrawal amount?

Minimum deposit and withdrawal are $10 or equal amount in local currency.

How can I add a phone number to my account?

You can add your phone number after making a deposit. In the trade section, a popup message will offer you the option to enter your phone number. Afterward, an SMS code will be sent to verify your phone number. Confirm it with the code provided.

Why can't I verify my account before making a deposit?

The verification process is determined by the deposit method used, so it occurs after you've made the deposit. In many cases, you can withdraw funds back to the same source without verification, but certain withdrawal limits may apply.

How can I make a withdrawal, and which payment methods are available for withdrawals?

To withdraw funds, go to the FINANCES section and create a withdrawal request. The deposited amount will be sent back to the original source, such as the bank card or e-wallet used for the deposit. Your profits will be sent to one of the e-wallets you have chosen from the available options in the Finance section. Please be aware that cryptocurrency can also be used for profit withdrawals, but bank cards are not available for this purpose. It's important to note that third-party wallets or cards are not permitted. All payments must originate from an account registered in your name.

Can I earn without making a deposit?

At the moment, the sole method to earn without making a deposit is through our Referral Program. By participating in the program, you can share your referral code with others, introduce new clients, and receive real funds as a reward. For detailed information about the Referral Program, kindly refer to the "Become a Partner" section.

Can I withdraw funds from the demo account or transfer them to my real account?

The funds in the demo account are virtual and cannot be withdrawn or transferred to your real trading account. The demo account is strictly meant for practice and learning purposes only.

If my account cannot be verified after making a deposit, will I get my funds back?

Yes, if your account cannot be verified for any reason, your deposited funds will be fully refunded to the original payment method. Please do not use 3rd party wallets or cards to deposit. In cases where 3rd-party payment accounts are used for the deposit, we may not have the option for a refund, and an additional verification process may be necessary.

How much can I earn on the platform?

The amount you can earn depends on various factors, including your trading strategy, market conditions, and risk management. Trading involves inherent risks, and profits are not guaranteed but at the same time it's unlimited.

How can I trust that this is a legitimate trading platform?

Our platform has been certified by the Financial Commission, which means that our platform has been thoroughly reviewed and assessed to ensure that we provide a secure and fair trading experience to our customers.

The Company does not provide services to citizens and/or residents of Australia, Belarus, Canada, EU Member States, Iceland, Iran, Israel, Japan, Liechtenstein, New Zealand, North Korea, Norway, Puerto Rico, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, UK, Ukraine, and the USA.

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